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Sustainability Yours, LA is a space for me, Katie, to educate myself and endeavor to live a more sustainable life in my new city, Los Angeles. I moved here the week before the pandemic shutdowns after moving from the east coast upon finishing my graduate degrees (JD and MBA). After living here during the 2020 summer of record heat waves, devastating fires, and political turmoil, I became even more committed to doing my part to combat climate change. I work in the Cleantech industry, and this blog is my way of helping align my actions at home with my impact at work. I hope this space helps educate others as much as it is helping me!

I am particularly interested in clean energy, as I currently work as legal counsel and a product manager for a fintech startup helping to the financing of renewables projects. Prior to working in clean energy, I worked in the mining industry as an underground mine engineer.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog and Instagram account are my own and in no way represent any company or organization I am affiliated with. 

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