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2021 sustainable resolutions

It’s finally 2021! Let's hope that this year is a bit less… history book worthy. I love to make resolutions and goals, particularly in a list format (lists are the best). Starting something new is always a great opportunity for reflection, and a new year is one of the best of these opportunities.


When setting goals or resolutions, I like to use a SMART goal framework (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based) and to only set a few objectives so as to not overwhelm myself.  


My Sustainable Resolutions for 2021 include:


  • Reduce plastic waste when buying groceries by only buying items in glass bottles by year end

  • Reduce my new clothing purchases by 50% from 2020

  • Swap to sustainable household products by the end of the year (as the previous ones are used up)

  • Set-up my herb garden and explore options for growing food on my porch

  • Reduce water consumption by minimizing running the dishwasher and stopping drips

  • Explore sustainability in LA as the pandemic (hopefully) recedes and I can learn more about my community through volunteer work, shopping local, and exploring the outdoors


I hope everyone had a happy holidays in 2020 and is ready for this new year!


Sustainably Yours, LA


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